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Customer attention (+34) 943 632 616


In VESETRA we carry on: Rodillo
  • Manufacture of polyester webbing slings (flat and round). All made under the European Standard EN-1492-1/-2.
  • Manufacture of ratchet lashing systems straps. All made under the European Standard EN 12195-2.
  • Marketing of lifting equipment and all type of accessories with high resistance. All made under the requirements of G-80 and in compliance with European Standard EN-818.
  • Marketing of steel cables. We work in complete coils and cut lengths to suit your needs: Galvanized steel wire, stainless steel and plastic.
  • Marketing of various products related to the world of transport such as cargo bars, un-theft locks and products relation with the movements of heavy commercial vehicles.
Calle Gabiria nº49 Pabellón 9. Polígono Industrial Ventas 20.305 Irún (Gipuzkoa)
TEl.: +34 943 632 616  |  vesetra@vesetra.com